Who am I

I have sold property both at home and abroad for more than 20 years, most recently in the new build market. I simply love houses and helping people realise their dream. As a serial mover (I’m now on my 16th move including 6 international ones) I have extensive personal experience of the selling and buying process with all its joys and stresses.

It is for that reason that I want to offer a different kind of service. Its not the sort of service you can find on the High Street. I offer a bespoke one which can be tailored to the needs of both you and your house and a personal one where I am with you every step of the way from initial valuation right through to handing over the keys. Just me. I will always be completely honest with you, give you frank advice about the best way to stage and sell your house and even help with finding tradesmen if we agree that any work needs to be done to maximise its appeal. Having worked in the new homes market for the past few years (developers take note!) I have been involved with show homes and know what needs to be done to make your house eyecatching.

I have lived in both Wiltshire and Somerset since returning from bringing my children up in rural France in 2010. Its an area I know well and absolutely love so I can be the best advocate for your property and the best partner in your property search.

I’m also a feng shui practitioner so if you want me to bring a bit of Chinese metaphysics to your sale I’m happy to help! I am in a ukulele covers band too so we could maybe provide a musical accompaniment to your viewings? Actually, maybe not…

Top trivia: I wrote an Amazon Best Seller in 2013. Free copy with every instruction!

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